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Robbins Wings has been in business since 1977, but not producing the fine heat muffs and related products we are noted for today.  Originally started by my father, Lowell “Robbie” Robbins, Robbins Wings built wing kits and completed wings for the aerobatic Stephens Akro monoplane.  Quality and craftsmanship was his trademark and it has been my goal to carry on the example he left for me.

 In 1991, I became acquainted with a newcomer to the Denver area, Larry Vetterman, who had just transferred from Texas along with his beautifully built RV-4.  One of the first projects Larry enlisted my help with was building a heat muff for a new 4-pipe exhaust system of his own design.   

Word quickly spread back to his buddies in Texas and the next thing I knew I was in a new business.  So even though we are no longer in the wing business, the name “Robbins Wings” was kept in honor of my dad. 

For over 18 years now, I have worked closely with Larry as his exhaust business has grown and developed to provide heat muffs for all possible exhaust/engine/airframe combinations for Van’s RV-3 through RV-9 aircraft.  To date, over 6000 heat muffs have been shipped to builders in almost every state and several foreign countries.

 Whether you are building or flying an RV or any one of the other popular experimental aircraft, I hope you will consider our products to provide your cabin and carburetor heat needs

 Rick Robbins

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Last modified: 04/11/12