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All muffs and parts are shipped via 2-day Priority mail unless otherwise requested. 
Shipping charges are based on weight and postal zone. 

Heat Muffs, Heat Boxes and Flanges



Part No.


Carburetor Heat Muff - 6


$49.50 (US)

Filtered Air Box Connection Housing


$17.50 (US)

Cabin Heat Box - 1 inlet RV201 $65.00 (US)

Cabin Heat Box - 2 


$65.00 (US)

Aluminum Flanges - 1

RV102 $  6.00 (US)
Aluminum Flanges - 2 RV103 $  6.00 (US)
RV3 Cabin Heat Muff RV301 $99.50 (US)
RV4 Cabin Heat Muff RV401 $99.50 (US)
RV7 Cabin Heat Muff RV702 $99.50 (US)
RV8 Cabin Heat Muff RV801 $99.50 (US)
RV6-9/All Cabin Heat Muff RV601 $87.50 (US)
Superior IO360 Cabin Heat Muff VHM-Superior $87.50 (US)
IO360M1B Cabin Heat Muff VHM-M1B $87.50 (US)
Rocket Cabin Heat Muff - 2 exhaust RKT001.2

$87.50 (US) 

Glastar Cabin Heat Muff - 1 in/out GL100 $87.50 (US)
Customer Spec Cabin Heat Muff CSCHM $94.50 (US)
Replacement Parts



Part No.



Off Centered End Plates 1 exhaust

RV001 $30.00 (US)
Off Centered End Plates 2 exhaust RV001.2

$30.00 (US)

Centered End Plates 1 1/2 exhaust RV001.5 $30.00 (US)
Double End Plates 1 exhaust RV003 $30.00 (US)
Through Rod Kit with Hardware RV101 $  7.50 (US)
#40 all Stainless Steel hose clamps SSHMC $  1.89 (US)

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